bentrovato (bentrovato) wrote,

Thunder Road Marathon

In the hour before the 8:00 start of the race, I realized I had misplaced my tag and timing chip that identified me as an official runner. I decided to run without ID. The day was sunny and cold - just right, really. I maintained a steady, deliberately slow pace (9:45/mile) with ease. After a few miles I became aware of pain in my knee, which worsened as I went on. I dropped out between mile 7 and 8. Anabel and Nicolas were there to cheer on Jürgen and me and runners from the CMAA doing a half-marathon. They took me home where I changed and joined the rest of the family to greet Jürgen at the finish line. Greg, our other running friend, finished an hour later and made his way over to our house for pizza and beer. As long as I focused on the others' accomplishments I didn't feel my own discouragement so acutely.

We had an evening of music and poetry at the UUCC that night. A sub-group of the adult choir had prepared a few selections. I even had a solo in the Wassail song, which I delivered with all the gusto I could. Other musicians, including a Renaissance wind ensemble from the PUUC, and readers for the poems joined us. I had never heard these other contributions before the day of performance. As it unfolded in the darkened sanctuary, I was as captivated as any audience member. It did a lot to improve my mood.
Tags: marathon, uucc
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