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Nursing Secret Hopes

I began telling people last week that I was not going to do the marathon. My knee hurt for about forty eight hours after my long run on November 18. After that it only hurt when I ran again. I decided to give it a rest for a week before participating in the Turkey Trot. It stiffened up a little after that race (8 K in 42 min). I tried another week of rest (an easy prescription to follow) and went out again last last Friday the 5th, eight days before the marathon. I had to stop after a few miles because of the pain in my knee. After that I began to disengage mentally from the goal of running the marathon. Running buddy J. took my anguished cell phone call as I limped home and refused to reinforce my discouragement. Try ibuprofen, he said.

At an oyster roast (yum!) hosted by a neighbor last Saturday, I was about to tell my tale of woe to a neighbor who is also a runner. He completed the Turkey Trot in 36 min, and was full of enthusiasm for running of any kind. He invited me to run with him the next morning and I was too pleased to be asked to say no.

Long story short - I ran with him and then five miles on my own today, both times dosing myself with anti-inflammatory drugs beforehand. I feel good! Maybe a fool's paradise, but it's enough to get me to the starting line, I think.
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