bentrovato (bentrovato) wrote,

M-Day minus 17

In a little over two weeks I'll be at the starting line for the Thunder Road Marathon. I've done a lot to get ready; whether it was enough time will tell. By the end of my last long run (18 mi.) I was feeling a good deal of knee pain. It has stayed with me these past ten days, constantly at first then only when I run again. The last thing I need at this late date is to be sidelined by injury.

I read about knee injuries in Garrick and Radetsky, Anybody's Sports Medicine Book (Ten Speed Press, 1999). The authors prescribe exercise to strenghthen the vastus medialis, which stabilizes the knee. They also advise refraining from the activity that gives one knee pain for the two to three weeks that the exercise program needs to have an effect.
Tags: knee, marathon
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